Which System Do You Agree With Most?

For the prison life of a criminal in the United States compared to Norway, the difference is shocking. Are Oidal, the Director of Halden Prison in Norway shares, “Every inmate in Norwegian prison is going back to society,” and because of that, the prison system focuses on rehabilitation. So much that the inmates have freedom to roam, study, participate in workshops, cook, and receive healthcare from professionals.


So the question is raised, “Why?” Statistics show that only 20% of Norwegian criminals return to prison within five years of being released, an extremely low percentage compared to the United State’s 76.6%. Are Oidal’s facts about inmates returning to society displays the idea that if they treat them in a way that fosters rehabilitation rather than anger, inmates will then have a better chance of staying outside of prison after their release.


From the construction of the walls to the general atmosphere of each of the prison systems, there is a noticeable difference. The prison in Norway has a home-like touch to the prison, while the United States’ have walls are more sturdy and less inviting. While the two have major differences of focus and appearance, one thing is in common, that both were established for the justice and safety of the general society. Anything beyond that, we see that the prison systems will vary from each country to the next.