With Just 2 Ingredients – She Makes A Breakfast I’ve Never Seen Before, I Must Try This!

Easy to make, healthy to eat, and delicious to taste, this may be the perfect breakfast recipe. They are scrumptious banana pancakes, and only require two ingredients: a banana and an egg.

She prepares, and cooks the pancakes within minutes, chopping one whole banana into a bowl, and adding in two eggs. Mixing the two ingredients together, she already has her pancake mixture, and it is ready to cook once it has a nice consistency. She uses a small amount of coconut oil to grease the cooking pan, and lets the pancakes cook for just a minute or two. They can be made into any size for either a hearty breakfast, or the perfect pre-workout, or post-workout snack.

Just because they have plenty of health benefits does not mean that they do not have the taste to go along with them. Without any sugar, syrup, or sweeter of any kind added, they are already flavorful and perfect just on their own. So, within just a few minutes total for prep and cook time, a perfect breakfast is waiting in the morning!