Woman Hears Sounds Under A Deck, Discovers Creepy Infestation

This is not something you might see every day. These little creatures usually come out at night, and their clever activities are hidden from our everyday lives. This woman and her husband were out hiking when they came across this meeting with the furry little creatures – probably the strangest raccoon interaction you will ever see.

Underneath this wooden grate was an entire family of raccoons. When this woman found them, they could probably smell the treats she had tucked away in a plastic bag. Raccoons have an enormously high intelligence level, and are capable of performing human-like tasks due to their flexible range of motion and opposable thumbs. It’s the human-like quality that makes this video so creepy.

This video took the internet by storm as a real life depiction of a horror movie. Yet, if you can see past its odd and even creepy quality, the video can seem cute as it shows the extreme curiosity and playfulness of raccoons. Snack time was definitely humorous for this woman, and probably appreciated by the raccoons!