Woman Visits Salon, Days Later Is Fighting For Her Life

“I couldn’t believe it happened to me,” was all Elizabeth Smith could say to explain her feelings. Elizabeth is only 48 years old, but is now a survivor of a stroke that nearly paralyzed her, and it was due to her appointment at the hair salon. After the fact, doctors concluded that Elizabeth’s neck had hyperextended while she was having her hair washed, causing a blood clot. Now Elizabeth reflects on her long months of stroke recovery.

Elizabeth’s incident was a result of what is called Beauty Parlor Salon Syndrome; a hyperextension of the neck past twenty degrees. Elizabeth now recovers the use of her arms and legs, and even her facial muscles. Elizabeth’s two children offer her support as she relearns these basic bodily functions.

Next time you sit down at the salon, ask for extra towels to place under your neck, and make sure that the weight of your head is supported an inch below the nape of the neck. If you feel stretching occurring along your upper spine or the sides of your neck, let your hair dresser know your neck needs more support so that you can avoid hyperextension of any kind.