World Press Photo 2015

The biggest winner of the World Press Photo awards is the Dannish Mads Nissen, who captured an intimate moment of Jon and Alex, an homossexual couple in Saint Petersburg. Russian homophobia is one of the issues for 2014 and the Winter Olympics in Sochi showed that.
Photo: Mads Nissen – Scanpix/Panos Pictures – World Press Photo

Spot News went to the Turkish Bulent Kilic, capturing a wounded teenager grabbed by the police during the student protests in Istanbul.
Photo: Bulent Kilic/ Agence France-Presse

Nature saw the 1st prize going to the Chinese Yongzhi Chu, that captured a frightened monkey in a Chinese circus preparing to be whipped.
Photo: Yongzhi Chu/World Press Photo

Daily Life awarded also a Chinese, Cai Sheng Xiang with a traditional caddle market photo.
Photo: Cai Sheng Xiang/World Press Photo

Portraits went to the Australian Raphaella Rosella, which caught on camera Laurinda waiting on the bus for the sunday school, a photo that highlights the isolation, the racism that still exists in today’s society.
Photo: Raphaella Rosella/World Press Photo

General News went to Sergei Ilnitsky with a kitchen table in downtown Donetsk.
Photo: Sergei Ilnitsky/World Press Photo

Sport also went to China, with Bao Tailiang capturing Messi’s fascination with the World Cup Trophy after the loss to Germany.
Photo: Bao Tailiang/World Press Photo

Long Term Projects went to Darcy Padilla, a photo from 1993, when Darcy started to follow Julie, her misfortunes, family, AIDS, poverty, drugs, in a story that like all others can be read in the world press photo site.
Photo: Darcy Padilla/World Press Photo